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“Remember,” the agent says. “It’s a pass-first league now, so the money will flow into the position, regardless. But, I do say it’s a downyear for receivers on the open market because of the lower cap, cheaper talent coming in, steady demand, and heightened supply.” NFL New York Giants Team Face Coverings


Jones completed a ridiculous 77.4% of his passes last season while leading the Crimson Tide to a national title. The QB's detractors note that Jones benefited from a loaded Alabama offense that included a strong offensive line and star skill players. But Weis doesn't count that against Jones. NFL San Francisco 49ers Team Face Coverings

Philadelphia will keep paying the cap-space bill, but at this point, one of the great NFL romances is over, unceremoniously severed in the middle of a midwinter ice storm. NFL Carolina Panthers Team Face Coverings

“I’m thinking about free agency, but I’d really love to just be a Packer all my life if I could,” Williams said. “They gave me my first shot. I love Green Bay. It’s just a great place to be.” NFL Arizona Cardinals Team Face Coverings
Nfl Shop Face Masks

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – NOVEMBER 01: Bobby Massie #70, Germain Ifedi #74 and Sam Mustipher #67 of the Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)


Matt Harmon: I can’t really comprehend a universe where Russell Wilson plays anywhere but Seattle next year — and for the next five-plus seasons, if we’re being honest. That said, I’d love it if he could somehow find his way to turn frustration into action and force a trade to Washington. Not the team you were expecting? Fair enough. I’m ready to root for Wilson being moved just about anywhere purely for chaos’ sake. Look, folks, I’m going to be wish-casting any average to slightly solid quarterback to The Football Team this offseason. Terry McLaurin is a true superstar-caliber alpha receiver and just plain deserves a high-end passer to prove it to the rest of the sheep out there. Logan Thomas is on the come-up and a kick in the rear for Washington’s offense would only improve the already bright outlook for Antonio Gibson. Washington is a team that’s ready to compete right now with a strong defense and steady coaching staff. Granted, they’d probably need to do a little offensive line investing since sacks (even if they’re a bit his fault) seem to be one of the sources of Wilson’s ire. This destination might not check all of No. 3’s boxes, but it does check mine.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Ravens running backs coach Matt Weiss is heading to Ann Arbor. Weiss will be the quarterbacks coach for the Wolverines.

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